Verifiable Credentials Policy Committee

What is the Verifiable Credentials Policy Committee?

The Verifiable Credentials Policy Committee is a subcommittee of the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition. It is made up of a group of businesses and identity experts who will help develop policy proposals, support legislation and provide expert testimony and guidance to the state government. The committee goals are:

  • Establish that open standard verifiable credentials meeting baseline requirements for security and privacy have the same legal weight as physical credentials

  • Aim to find public-private partnership or pilot opportunities for verifiable credential technology

  • Work to engage/win over potential adversaries to VCs including privacy advocates and consumer groups 

  • Specifically enable support for COVID-19-related credentials for public health and re-opening the economy—but would not be limited to this

Committee Members:

  • Kaliya Young, Chair

  • Tony Rose, MedCreds

  • Ken Adler, Thoughtworks

  • Claire Barber, Mattr

  • Jim St. Clair, Lumedic

  • Savita Farooqui, Symsoft

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