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Why California?

California is the 4th largest economy in the world and home to over half the blockchain companies in the United States. Blockchain Advocacy Coalition is focused on keeping the industry in California while promoting polices that can lead the nation. Our Advocacy efforts are focused on demonstrating to policymakers that our values align with California's. 

Blockchain Working Group & Report

Formed and served on California's Blockchain Working Group, which evaluated blockchain uses, risks, benefits, legal implications, and best practices.

Promote Use Case Legislation 

Sponsor legislation promoting compelling blockchain use cases including verification of health records, vital records & virtual assets.

Set the Record Straight

Advocate in legislative hearings, committees and rulemakings. Weigh in early and often to pass laws that work for the industry and stop those that do not. 

Our Approach

Blockchain Advocacy Coalition leads and shapes the blockchain policy conversation in California. Our focus is on building credibility with key policymakers throughout the Government to promote policies that attract and retain the Web3 industry in California.

About us

Our Legislative Leadership

Our mission is to cultivate legislative champions in the Web3 space and work with the legislature, state agencies, and administration on tangible policy initiatives the state can take to identify opportunities for blockchain technology.

AB 2658 and SB 838 (2018)

Established the Blockchain Working Group, California's first Blockchain Legislation

AB 953 (2019) 

Cannabis Crypto Banking co-sponsored by CA state Treasurer Fiona Ma

SB 1190 (2022)

CA Trust Framework for issuance of Verifiable Credentials & Pilot

AB 2004 (2019)

Would allow COVID-19 test results issued via verifiable credentials/Blockchain

AB 2150 (2020)

Study feasibility of a Proposed Securities Act 195 exemption for Tokens

SB 786 (2022)

Allows vital records to be issued via blockchain technology 

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