We lead blockchain policy in the state that leads the nation

The Blockchain Advocacy Coalition is committed to educating legislators and regulators about blockchain technology. We advocate for, sponsor and organize outreach efforts for blockchain policy from the local to federal levels. 


We led the effort to pass the first two blockchain bills in California in 2018, and have helped shape the state’s blockchain policy since through legislation, facilitating educational roundtables with elected officials, and working with our state agencies to ensure that regulations work for this industry. We are a coalition that focuses on achievable, high-impact advocacy work. 


Policy Spotlight

BAC Director Ally Medina interviews US Congressman Ro Khanna at SF Blockchain week about State and Federal Blockchain Policy.

Recent Projects

AB 2150

AB 2150 would require the Department of Business Oversight to conduct a study to investigate the feasibility of enacting a California measure equivalent to Proposed Securities Act Rule 195 – Time Limited Exemption for Tokens, as proposed by Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce.

AB 2004

AB 2004 would establish a working group including industry experts to set standards for the usage of verifiable Credentials for medical test results including covid-19 tests.

Why we focus on California

It’s the 5th largest economy in the world and home to over half the blockchain companies in the United States. As the birthplace of Silicon Valley, the state has demonstrated an interest in having a thriving tech economy. We know that the U.S. is losing blockchain companies overseas because of confusing and overreaching regulation. California is the perfect place to change that.

There are 535 voting members of Congress. CA’s legislature has 120. While we engage with the federal government and track legislation there, it’s far faster to focus on passing groundbreaking legislation in CA where it has the largest industry impact. We have a multi-year legislative strategy to realize that goal. Interested in bringing California into the future?